Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Croucher Brewing: Vicar's Vice 2.0, Bottle Conditioning & House opens

Following the popularity of our recent seasonal beers, Vicar's Vice version 2.0 was brewed yesterday. This is a Belgian Strong Ale made using fresh citrus zest (yes, we did it by hand using real fresh fruit, and it took flippin' ages!) and crushed coriander seeds. The brew really did smell even more delicious than usual. We are hoping to bottle some of this batch as well as get a few kegs around the country.

With our summer festival season over we have been trying to get back on top of brewing and bottling. Batches of beer seem to be disappearing out the door faster than ever so the brewery is a pretty dynamic place at the moment.

We are about to trial some bottle conditioning, starting with The Hef. Bottle conditioning is where the final conditioning of the beer takes place in the bottle rather than in a tank, and also carbonation takes place in the bottle via the natural action of the yeast. Bottle conditioning often results in a more stable and longer shelf life.

The photo was taken by Jed Soane at Wellington's Liquorland NZ Beer Festival a few weeks back. We'd love to get some captions from you. Nigel thought perhaps it was a duet of 'You don't bring me flowers' (Paul standing in for Barbra Streisand).

Finally, a review of one of our latest outlets. House is a fantastic new bar in Hamilton, with a strong focus on craft beer. They have there own house beer (brewed by us) called Mighty, and also have Croucher Hef and Pale Ale on tap at the moment. It is very cool, and an absolute must-visit next time you are in The 'Tron. Review here.