Monday, August 17, 2009

Croucher Brewing - Beer, Beervana and Barvana...

August At The Brewery

> On Tap - Croucher beers are currently (or about to go) on tap in a few fine establishments around NZ. Some of these are guest appearances ( see the *), so get in quicksmart!

Wine Cellar, Karangahape Rd (Pale Ale)
Brew On Quay, Quay St (Pilsner) *
Hallertau, Riverhead (Pilsner) *

Ruakura Campus Club (Pale Ale, Pilsner & Hef) *

the UNDERGROUND bar (Pale Ale, Pilsner, Hef & Belgian Blonde)
Abracadabra (Pilsner)
Rotorua Golf Club (Pilsner)
Distinction Hotel (Pilsner)

The Malthouse, Courtney Place (Pale Ale) *

> Beervana - this is now an annual beer tasting extravaganza organised by the NZ Brewers Guild. It takes place in Wellington on the 28th and 29th of August at the Wellington Town Hall. Tickets can be booked here. Beervana is an opportunity to sample craft beers from around New Zealand, as well as a few especially flown in from Oz. As well as sampling, there are sessions on food matching - including some with chef Martin Bosley (last year he matched Croucher Pale Ale with a delicious grilled salmon dish... yum yum!). Paul will be representing Croucher Brewing at Beervana, so if you are lucky enough to be there, make sure you come and say hi... and sample a Croucher beer or two!

> Tis the Seasonal.... Paul is working on a recipe for our next seasonal beer, and expects to brew it in the coming few weeks. Shortly, we'll let you know more about it, as well as where you"ll be able to get your hands on some.

August at the UNDERGROUND bar
> the UNDERGROUND bar is our very own craft beer bar here in Rotorua. It is fast becoming a local treasure, and is the only bar in town focused on New Zealand craft beer, so please grab your friends and come in to support the beer revolution.

> Our guest bottled beers in August are Mata Feijoa, Epic Armageddon, Founders Long Black, Emerson's JP 2009, and Invercargill Boysenbeery. Quite the mix! On tap we have the full Croucher range, including the option of having the Pale Ale hand-drawn at room temperature - this beer is delicious cold and fizzy, but the warmth really highlights the aroma and flavours.