Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rotorua turns on perfect day for Globalfest

It was a glorious spring day here in Rotorua today for the second annual Globalfest festival. Team Croucher was an integral part of the Kiwi zone (run by Rotorua Rotaract), surrounded by the obligatory saussies on the BBQ, rugby ball throw around, bouncy castle and gumboot throwing comp.

Unsurpisingly, it was the HEF that was our most popular today, it's light refreshing flavour is just perfect on a hot day. From our perspective it's exciting to see people trying something different. Wheatbeers are still not commonplace in New Zealand, and it seems to be a particularly polarising style, but those who love it almost won't drink anything else. If you don't know your wheatbeers from your elbow, make sure you try one this summer!

Click here to see a few snaps from Globalfest 2008.

A huge thanks go to the Rotoract guys and gals, as well as to catering hosts Eurest (who kindly allowed us to sell our beer at the event - even though they are tied up with the 'big boys'). Cheers!!